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Inform Lexington

How do YOU imagine Lexington? 

As we implement the plan, there will be ongoing opportunities to stay informed and get involved in both the planning process and each of the projects stemming from Imagine Lexington.

The different components within the "Inform Lexington" section will be updated continuously with information about these opportunities, which may include virtual meetings, panel discussions, presentations, and surveys.

To get notified about new opportunities as soon as they are available, consider following us on one (or all!) of our social media accounts listed at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Public Input Events

On the Table, April 10-16
Business Input Meetings, April 6-12

For more information on these upcoming events, please check out our Get Involved page!

Urban Design 101

At the confluence of land use planning, architecture, and landscape architecture lies the world of urban design, which addresses the way buildings, streets, and public spaces all add up into places that work (or don’t work) for people.

Urban Design 101 is an introductory series developed by planning staff that focuses on urban design and it's applications.

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